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How to Maximize Your Kitchen Renovation

Apr 2

These suggestions will ensure that you get maximum value from your kitchen remodel


1. Plan


Remodeling your kitchen takes more design phase than when you are building. If you're able to plan it well, you'll be able to cut down on the amount of time you spend in construction chaos. Plus, it will give you a better chance of staying on budget.


What time do you need to devote to the preparation for a project? Albuquerque's kitchen remodels you invest at least six months. In this approach, you'll not be enticed to change your mind and make changes during the construction process, increasing your costs and decreasing the ROI.


Let's get started with the basics.

Examine the dimensions of your kitchen. It's common to purchase a larger refrigerator only to realize that it cannot fit through the front doorway. To avoid blunders like this, make a detailed kitchen layout that includes measurements for doors or walkways, worktops, etc. Make sure you consider the height of your home, either.

Think about the flow of traffic 42-inch work aisles are recommended for households with a single cook, and 48-inch aisles are recommended for multi-cook families.

Designing a kitchen is about ergonomics. Kitchens can be made comfortable for users by adding pull-out drawer shelves inside the base cabinets, adjustable counters that can move up or down, and wall ovens.

If you've planned your renovation down to the number of nails you'll need, prepare for the unexpected. Be prepared for the possibility of the unexpected. You should allow yourself a little more time to finish the work. Do you need it done before the end of the month? Then, you can set a goal to complete it before Halloween.

Choose the fixtures and materials you'll use before beginning contractors can provide more precise estimates, and you'll be able to avoid delays due to backorders.

A designer who is experienced can make kitchen remodeling easier. Professionals can assist you in determining the best style for scheduling contractors and the possibility of problems. Expect to be paying between 10% to 17 percent of the total cost costs.

2. Appliances may not be all they seem.


Between the dark blue cabinets, stainless steel stove, and the hood.


The process of designing a kitchen can seem like a storm of ideas. There's a chance that a stunning six-burner commercial range or a modern refrigerator won't suit your cooking style or demands.


Food preparation and storage are the primary use of appliances. Do not focus on the tools when remodeling your kitchen. Instead, think about the overall style and function of the kitchen.


Floors and cabinets are among the best investments for the long run, mainly if your family doesn't cook.


Then, search for appliances from reputable manufacturers with a track record of success, such as those included in Consumer Reports.

3. Keep Your Footprints Current


No one can underestimate the costs associated with a remodel through moving plumbing pipes, electrical outlets, or tearing down walls. This is where most issues occur.


Maintaining the same place for plumbing, appliances, and even your walls is always better. It will help you reduce restoration and demolition costs by reducing the quantity of dust and dirt your project produces.


4. Are You Afraid Of Lighting? You Should!


White kitchen with a backsplash of orange and stainless steel sink.


Lighting can make a significant impact on the kitchen. It's able to brighten and amplify any space. In addition, it'll make your job more secure and productive. You will find two kinds of lighting in the kitchen, ambient and task lighting.


Lighting under cabinets is essential because cabinets provide such dark working spaces. Hard-wiring your lights is an excellent opportunity to do while you are redecorating. Avoid shadows by using at least two lights for each job. Pendant lighting is perfect for countertops and islands that don't have low cabinets. Track lighting or recessed lighting can be adequate over sinks and other areas that don't have cabinets.


Through track lighting, wall sconces, and flush-mounted ceiling fixtures, Ambient lighting is possible. It is possible to alter the brightness and overall ambiance with dimmers.

5. Make sure you are conscious of quality in Everything You Do


Modern design elements, paired with multi-colored hexagonal Hex tile.

It is essential to think about the functionality of your kitchen and the long-term durability of your kitchen when redesigning. Look out for products with long guarantee periods and avoid products that are of low quality. Solid-surface countertops can be more expensive. However, they can last many years If you care for them correctly. If you're thinking of moving soon, it is worth looking into items with a lengthy warranty.

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