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Commercial Mixing Tools Must Have For Any Restaurant Or Catering Company

Oct 12

A quality commercial mixer is a must-have for any restaurant, foodservice operation, or catering company. These units help EasyMix ingredients quickly and easily so that cooks can focus on other tasks. These units are available in a wide range of sizes and styles to suit any mixing requirement. These heavy-duty machines are durable and built to stand up to frequent use in busy kitchens. Stainless steel models are ideal for foodservice operations that require a clean, sanitary design.

Small countertop mixers are great for mixing small batches of ingredients and can tackle a variety of applications in your business. These units come with a variety of attachments to handle different types of jobs in your kitchen, including: flat beater - used for mixing cakes or brownies; wire whip - for whipping up creams, marinades, and icing; dough hook - ideal for mixing breads and pizza dough; pastry knife - thin, metal blade for kneading pie and pastry dough.

Mid-sized mixers are the workhorses of large, high-output commercial kitchens. These units are capable of handling dense dough for hours at a time and have a capacity of around 20 quarts. These mid-sized units are common in fast casual restaurants, schools, and bakeries.

Floor models are the mixing workhorses of large, high-output industrial and commercial kitchens. These massive units are capable of handling dense dough for hours and have a capacity of over 100 quarts. These units are often equipped with a hydraulic lift to allow for emptying of heavy-duty mixtures onto a worktable for further processing.

These units have independent motors for the bowl and mixing tool drives so that speeds can be set independently of each other. This provides maximum flexibility and allows the user to choose the right setting for the job at hand. These units are also equipped with 30-60 minute timers and a recall setting so that the mixer will remember the last setting used.

Custom tote mixers can be designed and fabricated to your exact specifications. White Mountain Process specialists can determine the construction, type, size and style of mixer based on your application, from the food-grade materials you are mixing to the viscosity (sg and solids %) you need to achieve. We can also provide the appropriate Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) tote to hold your material, and we carry a full line of IBC tote mixer accessories, from washdown duty and explosion proof motors to single or dual 316 stainless steel folding impellers or Dynamix marine type impellers. Contact us for a quote on your next tote mixing project.