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Advantages of the IBC Tote Mixer

Mar 23

Keeping up with modern farming techniques and practices is vital to staying competitive, improving yields, and contributing to sustainability efforts. Often, this involves adopting innovative solutions such as the IBC Tote Mixer in Digital Drive Modes. Designed to efficiently and effectively mix liquid products in IBC storage tanks, these mixers are a great tool for ag retailers, farmers, and chemical wholesalers alike.

Many liquids used in agriculture require mixing and agitation to restore their original quality. These products often include custom blends that combine a base liquid with various additives and ingredients. Over time, these components can separate and settle to the bottom of the tank. IBC tote mixers can easily re-blend and re-homogenize these liquid products for immediate use.

Compared to traditional mixers, EvenMix IBC tote mixers are lighter, more compact, and easier to maintain. They also offer a more consistent mix, ensuring the effectiveness of agricultural chemicals and lowering application costs. They also provide a safer alternative to mechanical mixers that can cause shear or heat damage to the product.

The IBC Tote Mixer can be used to mix a wide variety of liquids in both steel and plastic IBC totes. It uses innovative patented blade technology to achieve a true mix that can penetrate all the way to the corners and sides of the tank, eliminating the need for a heavy mechanical mixer. This results in a faster, simpler, and more cost-effective IBC tote mixer solution that is also safe for the environment and your employees.

Aside from using the IBC Tote Mixer to mix chemicals, they are also an excellent option for storing and dispensing water in the field. Many farms have livestock that rely on a constant supply of clean water to stay hydrated and healthy. A large, durable IBC tote can be positioned in the field and connected to a PVC pipe or high-quality garden hose that runs to a water trough or other dispensers. This allows you to quickly and easily deliver water to livestock between rainstorms.

IBCs can also be used to store and dispense diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). Having a dedicated tank can help reduce the number of trips needed to refill your truck or equipment with this important fuel. A tote-mounted dispensing system can allow you to use the IBC as a mobile DEF pump, reducing trip frequency and fuel costs while also allowing you to more closely monitor your inventory and ensure that you are never low on DEF on your farm. EvenMix offers a complete line of industrial tote mixers that can be customized for specific applications. Options range from economy models with simple direct-drive and single mixing impellers to more expensive deluxe versions that offer multiple folding mixing impellers and bracket mounted designs for added stability.



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