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Benefits Of Commercial Mixing Tools

Jun 24

Mixing Tools

Mixers are the backbone of any commercial kitchen, allowing chefs to prepare ingredients for their dishes without breaking out large mixing bowls. These mixers are available in a variety of sizes and styles, EvenMix New Location to meet specific needs and requirements.

The size of the mixer is a big consideration, as it determines how much dough or other product can be mixed at one time. Small, handheld mixers can handle a limited amount of batter or whipped cream, but are not suitable for heavy duty mixing. A countertop mixer is best for restaurants and delis, while larger, freestanding models are better suited to bakeries or pizza shops that prioritize dough production.

Planetary and spiral mixers are both best suited for kneading and mixing thick dough, and are commonly found in bakery and pizzeria operations. These models utilize a spiral-shaped agitator that rotates the dough as well as its mixing bowl, which helps to minimize risk of overworking the mixture and ensure even distribution of all components.

These specialized models are usually built with a heavy-duty motor and can accommodate the heaviest, most dense types of dough, making them an essential piece of equipment for any bakery or pizza restaurant.

Commercial mixers come in a variety of configurations, including gear-driven and direct-drive models. Gears and cogs prevent slippage of the inner assembly, while also eliminating the need for belts that can stutter or break under pressure. Larger mixers typically have a higher horsepower motor than smaller models due to the increased amount of material they need to mix, and are better able to power through longer shifts in high-output commercial kitchens.

When choosing a commercial mixer, be sure to look for durable construction and easy-to-understand controls that are easy for employees to learn and operate. It is also important to consider the availability of replacement parts and manufacturer’s warranties, as a mixer is an investment that will likely need repairs at some point.

Tote Mixing

When working with liquid products, suspended solids and emulsion components can stratify, affecting the product’s original quality. Portable mixers are an excellent way to restore these products to their original quality, as they can be easily drained and cleaned of any contaminants. There are a variety of tote tank mixers that can be used with a standard IBC tote, including the popular EvenMix® IBC Tote Mixer. This unique design allows the mixer to be inserted into the tote and unfolded as needed for each application.

These mixers are engineered specifically for IBC tote mixing, with a unique impeller that folds and expands as needed to fit inside the six-inch opening of the tote. These tote mixers can be powered by electric, air or explosion proof motors and include a variety of shafts and impellers for a wide range of applications. The patented design of the EvenMix IBC Tote Mixer ensures that the contents are evenly distributed throughout the tote, reducing the need for wasteful and labor-intensive transfer between containers.

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